A little secret that could save your pet’s life

pugWhen it comes to our pets , we always want the best for our furry little friends. Milo the Pug was no different. It was just another ordinary day in Southern California when things took a turn for the worse for  3 year old Milo. His owners, Mike and Cindy never imagined what would happen next. 

Fun in the sun turns to tragedy

They had planned to hike along Venice Beach and have a picnic by the ocean. The sun was shining and everything was perfect as they pulled up into the parking lot. As Cindy got out of their car to let Milo out, Milo’s spotted an English Bulldog and across the parking lot and darted after it. Not being able to catch him in time, Milo ran across the street into oncoming traffic and was hit by another vehicle. All of their worst fears and nightmares came true as they rushed over to Milo. He was so brave that he was still wagging his tail as he laid on the ground.

A little guys fight to recovery


Milo was rushed to the nearest veterinarian and was placed in critical care. His pelvis had been crushed and fractured in many places and it was uncertain if he would be able to walk again. But through all of this Milo had a positive attitude and continued to wag his tail through it all. He began to make massive improvements, first by being able to sit up on his own and by finally taking his first steps after a few weeks of being hospitalized. He was on the road to recovery!

When they thought the worst was over

Then the bill came in the mail. $8,562.09!! Dogs are man’s best friend but we all might not have enough to pay for a bill this high. Mike and Cindy grew worried until they remembered that they had been recommended to get Pet Insurance from Embrace Pet Insurance. The shelter where they got Milo from told them about Embrace Insurance Plan and how they had insurance plans for about $1 a day! They called them up and they handled the claim instantly and they were able to worry about more important stuff, like spoiling Milo and belly rubs, because who doesn’t love belly rubs

Immediate Action Step:

Go to Embrace Pet Insurance and see how much coverage costs (plans as cheap as $1/day)  to get your loved one insured. You’ll never know when accidents might happen but at least you will have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is covered.

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