5 Things That Your Dog Needs Now

We never really ask you for that much, maybe just to take us out for a walk or scratch us behind the ear. But there are some things in life that we need now and we aren’t taking NO for an answer. Here is my Top 5 list of things that I think every dog should have right now:

  1. Furminator

    This could be one of the best investments you could make for your furry friend. Not only does it keep them free of Allergens that live on dead hair, it keeps your house that much more free of pet hair. No more coughing up hairballs.
  2. iFetch

    We know you had a tough day at work and the last thing you might want to do is play fetch with us. With that said, I introduce to you the iFetch. This ingenious little machine plays fetch with us. After a little bit of training, we’ll be able to load our ball into this machine and play fetch for hours. But we like it better when you play fetch with us when you get your strength back, but in the meantime you can buy this for us.
  3. Orthopedic Bed

    Nothing in the world beats your bed. We love to cuddle around in your bed with you. But for all the times we aren’t cuddling in your bed, we wouldn’t mind a nice comfy orthopedic bed. We have backs too you know :P
  4. Doggie Floatation Device

    We are natural born swimmers, but sometimes we get tired and just want to float and be lazy with you. With the Outward Hound flotation device we can do just that. Just don’t forget about us on the lazy river.
  5. Frontline Flea and Tick Control

    It sucks to be itchy, I’m sure you know. We can’t scratch our behinds as easy as you can but this will help guard us against unwanted fleas and ticks. You know you want to get this for us. Woof!